1. PhD thesis: Leveraging side-channel signals for IoT malware classification and rootkit detection
    Pham, Duy-Phuc
    INRIA IRISA CNRS Rennes France 2023


  1. ULTRA: Ultimate Rootkit Detection over the Air
    Pham, Duy-Phuc, Marion, Damien, and Heuser, Annelie
    In 25th International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses 2022


  1. Obfuscation Revealed: Leveraging Electromagnetic Signals for Obfuscated Malware Classification
    Pham, Duy-Phuc, Marion, Damien, Mastio, Mathieu, and Heuser, Annelie
    In Annual Computer Security Applications Conference 2021
  2. Poster: Obfuscation Revealed-Using Electromagnetic Emanation to Identify and Classify Malware
    Pham, Duy-Phuc, Marion, Damien, and Heuser, Annelie
    In 2021 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P) 2021


  1. GuruWS: A Hybrid Platform for Detecting Malicious Web Shells and Web Application Vulnerabilities
    Le, Van-Giap, Nguyen, Huu-Tung, Pham, Duy-Phuc, Phung, Van-On, and Nguyen, Ngoc-Hoa
    Trans. Comput. Collect. Intell. 2019
  2. Mac-A-Mal: macOS malware analysis framework resistant to anti evasion techniques
    Pham, Duy-Phuc, Vu, Duc Ly, and Massacci, Fabio
    J. Comput. Virol. Hacking Tech. 2019


  1. Mac-A-Mal: An Automated Platform For Mac Malware Hunting
    Pham, Duy-Phuc, and Massacci, Fabio
    Black Hat Asia 2018


  1. New version of mobile malware Catelites possibly linked to Cron cyber gang
    Chrysaidos, Nikolaos, and Pham, Duy-Phuc
    Avast Blog 2017
  2. Lokibot - The First Hybrid Android Malware
    Gahr, Wesley, Pham, Duy-Phuc, and Croese, Niels
    ThreatFabric 2017
  3. What is SafeFinder/OperatorMac campaign?
    Pham, Duy-Phuc
    BabyPhD 2017
  4. Exobot - Android Banking Trojan On The Rise
    Pham, Duy-Phuc, Croese, Niels, and Sahin, Han
    SfyLabs 2017


  1. Research and Implement Multifunctional Robot Using Omnidirectional Wheels
    Pham, Duy-Phuc, Son, Nguyen Canh, and Mai, Nguyen Thi Phuong
    Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design 2014